Tuesday, May 17, 2016

How to Spot a Flood-Damaged Car

Check that Second-Hand Car for Flood Damage


You will never know if it has been damaged by flood. (Photo Credits)

Buying second-hand vehicle is not as easy as it seems.

To be able to buy a good vehicle quality, the buyer has to be aware of what to spot in order to ensure that the second hand vehicle he is purchasing is worth all the money he is paying for.

Car Buzz gave pointers on how to spot a flood-damaged vehicle. Flood Repair Services

“1. The interior carpets may smell musty or have caked-on mud. 2. Check for evidence of the seat-mounting screws being removed; in order to dry the carpets the seats would have been taken out first. 3. Look at the headlights and taillights and see if you can spot a visible water line on the lens or reflector. 4. Pay attention to the gaps between panels in the trunk and under the hood; waterborne mud and debris could still be present.”

Read the rest of the guidelines here.

Watch out for signs of flood damage

Top Gear also gave motorists tips on how to detect flood damage in second hand vehicles.

5. Inspect rust. Rust in the chair frames and bare metal bracing under the dashboard can be signs of flooding in newer cars. Be aware, however, that light surface rust does form in older cars, even without flooding, especially in a humid climate like ours. But if there is continuous, deep-seated rust rather than the typical light spotting, or if there are rust marks or scorch marks on the wiring under the dash, in the fuse box or even inside the lighter socket, then that’s a sign of water damage.”

Check out the other clues here.

NBC News meantime issued warning against those looking to buy second hand cars especially after a major flooding incident in a community nearby. They however emphasized that selling flood damaged cars is not illegal as long as it is fully and properly disclosed to the buyer.

“That’s not necessarily illegal, as long as buyers are told of the damage. While a flood-damaged vehicle might undergo extensive repairs, experts stress that long-term issues could emerge. They point to rust in areas where water might have pooled. Electrical circuits, such as head and taillights are more prone to shorting out. And mold can develop in hidden places.”

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Do you know what to look out for when buying a second hand car?


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