Saturday, July 16, 2016

When flood damage comes through the roof

Roof Leaks that lead to flood damage

The bucket and the water leak

Flood damage can even come from leaking rainwater. (Photo Credits)

Like flood damage that comes from sudden plumbing failure, flood damage that comes through the roof is also something homeowners can prevent.

The expense of conducting a  periodic roofing maintenance check is nothing compared to the expenses of having to remediate water damage that stems through the ceiling.

Roof Doctor Utah says the damage can start during the winter.

“Investing in an inspection by a contractor at the end of every summer is good preventive maintenance. A roofing, siding, landscaping and piping professional are what makes up your ultimate team. Prepping your home for winter is a must, but few people do it. Don’t risk your biggest investment — start planning now for regular checks to ensure a safe home.”

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More Reasons for Flood Damage Causing Roofing Leaks

Lyon’s Contracting offered more reasons for roof leaks that can cause water damage.

“Roof leaks can form through a variety of causes. Normal roofing material wear and tear because of long-term weather exposure can cause leaks. Another is through unusual events like high winds and storms. Tree branches might hit the roof and cause damage, for example. Poor installation is another cause for concern. Lastly, improper maintenance can also increase your risk of roof leaks.”

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What can be done?

San Antonio Roofing cautions homeowners to heed the signs and to never ignore them. A1 Restoration   

“The longer water stays pooled in a hidden space, the more damage it will do over time. Before you know it, your insulation — and, eventually, your interior ceiling — could be affected. This is why it’s important to have a professional assess the damage if your roof has suffered through heavy rain. It Can Weaken the Whole Structure. From soft spots and sagging frames, to rusty gutters and flashing, water can erode your entire roofing system. If wet leaves are allowed to stay on your roof, they can make the problem worse. Get in touch with a quality roofer before repairs turn into a full roof replacement.”

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A property’s roofing should be routinely checked to ensure that other damages like flood damage can be prevented.

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