Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Flooding and Animals

How animals get affected by flooding

Banjo leaving the water

They get trapped in flood too. (Photo Credits)

Apart from humans and their respective properties, flooding also affects animals, especially house pets. shared the story of a woman who rescued house pets during a flooding incident.

“Troopers and lawmen did what they could to help, but could not convince Pamela not to go back in the water. Her husband says besides dogs, they had several ducks and chickens they were raising. But he fears most of them died in the raging floodwaters.”

Read the rescue story here.

Pet Rescue

Pet groups meantime held hands to ensure the rescue of house animals that have bee trapped in a flooding as shared by the website Cat Channel. Commercial Damage Repair San Diego

“The Red Star Rescue team, American Humane Association’s disaster relief arm, took two giant 50-foot Lois Pope Red Star Rescue Vehicles to South Carolina Thursday to help pet victims of the flooding there. The state requested the assistance, and South Carolina will join National Animal Rescue and Sheltering Coalition (NARSC) members ASPCA, CODE 3 and IFAW to help dogs and cats affected by the flood.”

Check out the rest of the story here.

Not necessarily a house pet, a donkey meantime grinned ear to ear upon being saved by humans amid raging floodwaters.

Bored Panda shared the story that went viral over the internet.  More

“The donkey was safely pulled out of the water with a rope and a life-saver. After being rescued, he surprised everyone with a wonderful smile! The donkey has a loving owner and is well taken care of; he only escaped from his stable because the wind blew-open the gate.”

See the smiling donkey here.

Have you ever had to rescue a pet from a flood?

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