Friday, April 15, 2016

What to do After a Flood

Post-Flooding Response


Do you know what to do following a flooding event? (Photo Credits)

Flooding incidents are very common during the rainy season, and can even be brought about by thunder storms. Helpful Hints

The difference between falling victim to a disaster and remaining safe is in the preparation and response to a flooding event.

British website NFU Mutual shared some helpful tips on what to do after a flooding.

“If you think that the flood waters may have been contaminated, with sewage for example, do not use any items the water came into contact with until they have been properly cleaned and disinfected. Please be aware that some of these items may need to be disposed of”

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Stay Informed

Rainbow International meantime advises its readers to use extreme caution when forced to evacuate of travel after a flooding event. Commercial Flood Damage San Diego, CA  

“Only travel through flood damaged areas when absolutely necessary. If you must travel, wait till water has stopped moving, wear sturdy shoes, and use a stick to gauge depth and firmness prior to taking each step. Be wary of contaminated water (gas, sewage, etc.), electrical hazards, hidden animals, dangerous debris, eroded roads and walkways, and more that can quickly land you in a dangerous situation whether you are traveling by foot or car. Avoid entering any structure surrounded by floodwaters that may be weakened until they have been declared safe from collapse.”

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Realty Times has its share of tips to homeowners.

“The first 24 hours can be key during a cleanup. It’s critical to start airing out your home as soon as you can. Moisture equals mold and rot. To do rid your home of moisture you need to get air moving through open doors and windows. Additionally, open up closets and cabinets. Natural breezes will work their magic, but give Mother Nature a helping hand by using fans.”

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Do you know what to do after a flooding event?

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