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Flood-Damaged Documents

All about Document Preservation and Restoration


What can be done about flood-damaged documents? (Photo Credits) 

Flooding does not only damage structures and the furniture or equipment inside homes or commercial establishments. Important documents are also very prone to damage especially when they are not placed inside waterproof containers.

For instance in India, The website The Times of India reported that there is a city in their country that had to reissue legal documents of its constituents following a major flooding that destroyed many pertinent legal papers of affected households.

“The Chennai collectorate has announced that it will hold special camps in the city to re-issue documents like ration cards, Aadhaar cards, water cards, land documents, educational certificates, auto drivers’ licences, vehicle registration documents which were damaged in the recent floods.”

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Digitize documents as a back-up against flood damage

In New York, officials had to digitize thousands of boxes of documents in response to a flooding that occurred in the city, as shared by the website Route Fifty. Check out A1 Flood Contractor site

“Before documents could be digitized, court imaging standards had to be established. Schoharie County chose the PDF/A format preferred by New York state and federal courts because it can easily be converted to PDF and made searchable with optical character recognition. Surrogate Court records like wills and estate plans are mostly permanent because of their historical value—people visiting from all over to view them—and the county opted to keep them as volumes, though digital ones.”

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What can be done when documents get damaged by floods?

ABC15 News offered some tips on what to do when important documents gets water damaged.

“Water damaged items can be air dried; Single paged documents should be separated immediately to prevent them from sticking together permanently; Wet paper is very fragile and should be handled gently.”

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Have you ever had to deal with flood damaged documents?

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