Saturday, July 2, 2016

Protecting Photos and Memorabilia from Flood Damage

How to prevent photos from getting damaged by unexpected flooding


Prevention is the key to ensuring that keepsakes remain at their tip-top shape. (Photo Credits)

So that there will be no regrets come crisis time, flood damage experts suggests that keepsakes, memorabilia, important documents, and even printed photographs should be protected from possible flooding or any type of water damage.

Polygon says protecting important documents should be part of any disaster plan of a company or a household.

“As you classify your business’ documents, notate if they’re physical or electronic document and indicate their location. If there are backup or duplicate files, indicate this and their location, as well.”

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Ensure safety of documents and Photos from Flooding

Clear Data Group underscored the importance of backing up and offsite storage. See A1 Flood Home

“Consider storing your information off site. Secure document storage facilities purpose built for housing documents are protected by the latest technologies including smoke and water detection, providing crucial protection for documents in a flood disaster scenario. What if I need to access my documents? Files can be sent back using a scan on demand service, information is returned electronically within two hours.”

Check out the rest of the tips here.

There is still hope

If the water is already under the bridge – so to speak – and the photos have already been damaged by flooding, says there is still hope in restoring these documents.

“First thing’s first. If you are in the midst of recovery mode, an undoubtedly stressful and trying time, take a deep breath and step back so that you can make a realistic assessment of your surroundings. Then, you can prioritize and develop a plan of action. Know that there will likely be items that you will not be able to recover and remember that rushing may cause you to damage fragile items. Before you get to work, remember to: Protect yourself first. Check for rotting wood, electrical hazards, etc. Do not work in an unsafe environment.”

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Have you tried restoring flood damaged photos?

Flood-Damaged Documents

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